Unusual (gxg)
By Spongebtch
  • Teen Fiction
  • bisexual
  • gxg
  • lesbian
  • lovestory
  • short-story


Abbie and his male friend Kyle has been bestfriends for as long as they can remember but Abbie never told Kyle she was lesbian. The only one that knew was Donna, Kyles ex, that Abbie has a crush on before Donna even started dating Kyle. The unusual thing about them is that they ALWAYS fall for the same girl. Abbie didn't mind the pain and jealousy she felt with every girl that Kyle gets. Until they met Summer. Everything changed. **i would really appreciate it if you'd help me build this story. Im new. Please tell me your suggetions and comments.:) It would be even better if you just tell me whats missing or it lacks at something. Jus tell me if its boring and why. Be frank if you want to...Thankssss a bunch :* xoxo

CHAPTER ONE "Funny Feeling"

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Unusual (...
by Spongebtch