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Reagan: Living your whole life under someone else's orders traps you in more ways than one. You lose your sense of independence. You forget that you're strong enough to survive. You forget that you're enough... Just you. It took me being tossed into a china cabinet to realize this... And that I had to run. Growing up, I never believed I would be in this situation. What child dreams of this life? No. I dreamed of Wyoming... of a farm and horses and a man who loved me solely because of who I am. I just didn't know I had to wander through a few nightmares, in order to find my dream. Carson: Being a single father is hard. Being a single father, tending a farm and trying to help my son with a class I don't understand... near impossible. I hired Reagan because I trust the woman who recommended her. I should have known the old woman was playing MatchMaker... But I simply didn't care. I needed the help and the lost, scared look in Reagan's eyes captivated me. She yearns to be seen... She yearns to be free, to live the life she's always dreamed. And Lord help me, I will do all that I can to ensure her dreams come true.


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