Protecting You (Kat...
By vote4kiba
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Ranked #2 in Fanfics out of 1 Million UPDATES EVERY 2 WEEKS (WEDNESDAYS) KATSUKI BAKUGO x READER "I may not be a hero yet, but be damned sure that I'll protect you. Always." You are a hero mercenary, someone that is hired by Tokyo Hero HQ to kill the villains they face. After a villain attack on the Hero Academy named UA, you are assigned an undercover mission to guard and protect the students as one of them, considering three students always seemed to find their way into trouble. Izuku Midoriya Shoto Todoroki and of course Katsuki Bakugo. You are a complete mystery to class 1A, and yet you find yourself feeling more at home with them everyday. Especially with a red-eyed boy with a major attitude problem. Katsuki Bakugo x Reader *strong language* *sexual themes* Highest Ranks: #1 Anime #1 Superhero #1 My Hero Academia #1 My Hero Academia x Reader #1 Katsuki Bakugo #1 Katsuki x Reader Started: September 2018 Finished: TBA I do not own My Hero Academia. All characters that are OCs belong to me. All media used belongs to the original artist. This story is copyrighted.

Chapter 1- Welcome to UA

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by vote4kiba