The Mafia Mistake
By pearl_love_27
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Lucy Watson one night decided to go out with her friend Abigail Corona and let 'loose' at one of many college parties. While Abigail is the one friend that likes to have fun, Lucy is the reckless daring one. That night an unexpected mafia attack lead by no other than Alessio Agostinetto goes to the party in hopes of catching Lucy Whitman. Alessio mistakenly grabs the incorrect Lucy. After a while and digging around, Luigi, Alessio's most trusted right-hand man, discovers that they indeed have captured the incorrect Lucy! Alessio would like to set her free but claims that he is unable to let her go. Could the reason only be because she was well acquainted with the mafia or is it...something else? Read the story of the how the mafia leader and the trainee doctor get to know each other...

The Mafia Mistake - A Mafia Romance

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The Mafia...
by pearl_love_27