The truth about Aug...
By caffeinatedbo
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"Please" I mumbled onto his throat as I felt his Adam's apple bounce, his hands pressing themselves on my body, his breathing becoming rigged, as was mine. I nibbled on his soft skin. "August" I tasted his name on my tongue. "Please" I wasn't sure I was still just trying to divert the attention or if I was truly begging him to continue kissing me. I couldn't decide. His blue chaotic eyes found me, the turmoil inside them dispersing when he locked them with mine. "You'll be my end" He said, groaning and then, his mouth finally claimed mine again. ✖️ August Frost is a trained, highly deadly agent of the MI6. Ren (just Ren) is a runaway whose many talents include scamming young rich men into spending the night with her before stealing all of their treasures. One can only imagine what would happen when their worlds collide...

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The truth...
by caffeinatedbo