They call him Lucius
By Shimaira
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Horror // Thriller // Novel // Completed ~*~ There is power in a name. ~ Special agent Amy Jensen is captured by the sadist Lucius when her undercover mission goes wrong. After being stripped of her identity and tortured by him for a decade, she's finally rescued. She's left severely traumatised and suffers from amnesia but slowly recovers her memories with help of therapy. However, as her memories return, uncertainty about her newly regained freedom arises--as Lucius is still out there. And as long as Lucius is free, she will never be. _________ This is the full version of THEY CALL HIM LUCIUS (Part 1: Memories, Part 2: Legacy, Part 3: Blood). Part 3 was completed on January 19, 2019. _________ 2018 Cryptic Awards: The Tower (Best Horror) & The Emperor (Best Antagonist) by @TheCRYPTIC_ Wattpad Featured story August 2014-2017 Gold winner of #FrightFest2016 by @Finnyh --- Praise for "They call him Lucius" part 1 ~Phantom_Lover_xo This book was perfect. 5 out of 5 stars if I had to rate it. I love it so much. You have made a better book in 7 chapters than most people on here can do in 30. ~U2fanatic I didn't like it. I loved it! Oh my gosh, that was just- there are no words to describe it. It felt like I was on an amusement park ride, I swear. I couldn't stop reading it. How dare you make me binge read? :P You are such a brilliant writer. Wow. Just wow. ~Darkelitechief I honestly think it was an amazing story. a great plot twist; I finished reading it a few minutes ago, and I still cant wrap my head around It! amazing job. I rate it 100 out of 10! ~Shaxnas I think I'm eternally scarred by "They call him Lucius". How someone came up with that is a mystery but nonetheless, it was written awesomely and somehow managed to get a lot more detail in seven chapters than any other 30+ chapter book I've read on here. Great job!

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They call...
by Shimaira