An Unforgettable Sa...
By yourfriendbri
  • Fantasy
  • billionaire
  • death
  • highschool
  • langsuir
  • millionaire
  • separated
  • torture
  • twins
  • vampires
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  • witches


"Mom?" I said weakly. I was so weak I could barely stand up. "Hey. What's wrong Lydia?" Claire asked worried. I was to only call her on my cell phone if I have an "unexpected accident" and this was one. "Mom," I dropped my things because I could barely stand up let alone hold a binder, my math, psychology, and biology books all at the same time. I clutched my side, with my now empty hands, to stop the blood flow. I was losing my vision and I could barely breathe. Then the dizziness started in. "You come and has... I need you to-" Then I lost my balance and my strength. I dropped my phone and fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was Alyssa with her phone pointed toward me, smiling and mouthing something like, "Smile for the camera", and a teacher I've never seen before walking towards me. Suddenly, everything went dark...

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An Unforg...
by yourfriendbri