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By jaywrites21
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In this sequel for this AU, it's been years since Kara Danvers has seen Lena Luthor. After Lena ending things with Kara after a heated threat from her mother, she went off to college, leaving Kara and a few friends behind. Now that Lena's the new CEO of L-Corp, she runs into Kara again. Will Lena explain why she had to leave her? Will Kara tell Lena her secret? Lena has her own explanation to tell, but what could it be? Most importantly, do they still have feelings for each other? Only one way to find out... THIS IS INTERTWINED WITH SEASON TWO. I DID bring in Sam and Ruby, only because they're important and frikin awesome. Sanvers broke up. Maggie did leave for a bit before coming back to National City instead of going out of the country. She couldn't leave for good. It was too hard. Sam knows about Kara being Kryptonian and Alex being DEO. Kara told her when they were in high school. Since she knows, might as well tell her about the DEO when they reunite¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So now some more of MY changes: Cat stuck around. Kara might need her later... SuperCorp have their secrets but will be revealed in time. Maybe some appearances by other characters. Jeremiah is DEAD [sorry :( ]. The whole thing with Jeremiah happened before this. I'm just taking season 2 first, you know this already. And of course, more surprises to come... This story includes characters from the CW show, Supergirl. I do not own any of the characters or any related or similar dialog, nor the photo, but the text is mine.

Context and Previous Plot

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Back How...
by jaywrites21