Emma Black and the...
By demiwitchwoodwalker
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Emma's father, Poseidon, left her mother, Bella O'Reilly the last descendant of Godric Gryffindor, less than a month after she found out she was pregnant. 5 months before Emma was born her mother married her old boyfriend who had broken up with her before Emma's mother and father had met because he wanted to protect her. Sirius Black and Bella O'Reilly got married and Emma was born 5 months later. A year and a half later, on Halloween, Bella was murdered by Lord Voldemort while Sirius was on a mission for the Ministry of Magic. When Voldemort tried to kill Emma the curse rebounded and struck him instead, weakening him greatly. The house exploded and Voldemort fled, assuming the explosion would kill the young girl. He went to the Potter's and a similar accurance took place. Voldemort killed the parents, Lilly and James, but the curse rebounded from the young child, Harry. Lord Voldemort was supposedly gone forever. Emma survived the explosion because of her strong demigod powers, coming out of the incident with only a lightning bolt scar on her forehead from the rebounded killing curse. She was sent to an orphanage because Sirius had been arrested and sent to Askaban for "murdering" Peter Pettigrew and 12 Muggles. 6 years later Emma and her best friend Annabeth Chase ran away from home and met Luke Castalan and Thalia Grace, who helped them to Camp Half-Blood, Thalia dying right before they got there and being turned into a pine tree by her father. Emma had absolutely no idea she was a witch of any kind until her eleventh birthday, when an owl flew through her cabin's window and gave a Hogwarts exceptence letter... (Draco Malfoy fanfic/daughter of Poseidon fanfic)

I get mail from an Owl

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Emma Blac...
by demiwitchwoodwalker