Her Accidental Prin...
By PrincessRoyal343
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On unwittingly charming the famous and irresistible Hollywood star Nathan Ross, Sewa is in for either a whole lot of awkward filled trouble... or a chance at romance. *** When reserved and slightly asocial Adesewa hopes for a little something to shake up her comfortable yet monotone routine, what she wasn't expecting (not even in a million years) was to have caught the eye of Hollywood royalty, Nathan Ross, or for it to have been the result of a diabolical plan backfiring on her. Nathan, the ever lively and confident musician with a name that features on billboards and the stars in his favour, gets on the wrong side of luck for the first time when he accidentally comes across a love potion meant for someone else and the uninterested 'damsel in distress' waitress with the snarky remarks and indifferent attitude. With the poor unsuspecting players already set in this fairytale game of love, the result of their sudden entanglement could either end in a comedic disaster or a match made in heaven, all depending on good old Fate. *** Note: There will be foreign phrases and mention of different languages. It is what makes up the main character. *** The stunning cover art by the talented @TheMinimalisticGirl đź”°Featured on Wattpad Multicultural Romance reading list đź”° đź”°Featured on @Stories Undiscovered reading list đź”° 29th February - 28th March đź”°Featured on Wattpad Romance reading list đź”° đź”°Featured on Wattpad AmbassadorNG reading listđź”° đź”°Featured on Official Cupid's reading listđź”° đź”°Featured on New Adult profile reading listđź”°


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Her Accid...
by PrincessRoyal343