Healing Her
By _Happyilyeverafter
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#1 in husbandandwife 2020 #1 in September 2019 #8 in kindness (12/09/19) Inaya was a girl full of life and always desire to become a successful person but then things doesn't go the way she wanted. The hopes she had for her dream prince were all gone. She always believed in fairytales and waited for her prince charm, She was just a girl who always wanted to get her happily ever after, but she wasn't the same after she lost her father. Somehow because of her family's decision she is forced to marry Yasin. Yasin, a bit insane, scared to get close to people. He is a work-freak, Hates crowdy places. He does not believe in love stories, and never actually thought of any women. He always maintained distance from love but yet he loves his work. He knew girls are just troubles and he didn't want any drama in his life. Will he fall in love with Inaya?! Inaya doesn't trust anyone and tries to keep her coldness with her husband because she is already shattered. Yasin couldn't help but fall in love with her misery. Staying with Inaya he learns that she is going through a lot of pressure and all he ever wants is to protect her and heal her soul. So what fate does Inaya and Yasin holds? (Published on 01/09/19)

Chapter 1

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Healing H...
by _Happyilyeverafter