My Husband is a Maf...
By Yanalovesyouu
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Marriage is normally one's happily ever after in the movies, but for Aemie Ferrer-Roswell, it's just the start of a seemingly unending adventure. Can this sweet Barbie-loving airhead continue to survive the life of being wife to a Mafia boss? *** Many things changed after Aemie Ferrer became Ezekiel Roswell's wife. With the might of Yaji and Roswells combined, things should have become smooth sailing for Baby Ae and her Dong--or at least, that's what everyone thought. But with lies, secrets and betrayals constantly plaguing the two, no one knows who to trust. This time, the silly and ditzy Aemie must step up to protect everyone and everything she cherishes--including the man she loves. Will they win and overcome this battle again? Or is it the perfect time for them to accept that Mafia stories have no happy endings? DISCLAIMER: This story is in Taglish COVER DESIGNER: Rayne Mariano

My Husband is a Mafia Boss (Season 2)

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My Husban...
by Yanalovesyouu