The Tiger King (Cha...
By Dreamofshadows
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Fight for glory. Fight for honour. Fight for Love. Lisa is a competitive boxer and reluctant pilates student who falls head over heels for her instructor Rosé, a gorgeous girl with many secrets to hide. But as their feelings for each other deepen, so do the shadows that haunt them relentlessly. When shocking revelations endanger their very lives and those of their friends, Lisa and Rosé will be forced to face their demons head on while questioning just how much of their relationship had been real. One truth ties their fate together, and one truth will set them free: the identity of the mysterious Tiger King. In the final battle for freedom, will Love be enough to save them both? (Chaelisa ft. Jensoo) {boxer! lisa and pilates instructor! chaeyoung au} ------------------------ Cover credits by @chaesoos (2019) Story by MMC 2019 (inspired by an ig/twitter post) All Rights Reserved 20/07/2019: #4 in chaelisa 22/07/2019: #2 in chaelisa 26/07/2019: #3 in chaelisa 10/08/2019: #2 in chaelisa 20/02/2020: #1 in jenlisa (how lol)

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The Tiger...
by Dreamofshadows