Dissension War
By Ashabellanar4life
  • Science Fiction
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  • forbiddenlove
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The galaxy is open to us with its endless possibilities. We can travel the heavens, colonize new planets and bend what we find to our will. The technology man wields is limitless with their artificial intelligence, their augmentations, their science, humored worlds that exist only in our minds. Sounds great, right? Yeah, I'm sure the Techno Augers would agree with you too. Too bad for them they're not the only kids on the block. In the twenty-eighth century, mankind has long expanded into the galaxy around them. Using their skills, they've subjugated worlds, colonized the depths of space. Problem is we kind of did it two different ways and we don't exactly see eye to eye. The Techno Augers love their science, their technology, they worship it as their God. Going as far as augmenting themselves with it to be quicker, smarter, faster in its name. And their weapons, those suckers pack a punch...but so do ours and we devour gods. They call us the Profane, the Unwrought, Whores of the Unholy and my personal favorite slur, Demiches, short for Demon Witches. I wear that term with pride. Riga, not so much. Not the rest of his clan either. Those boys get a bit touchy being called Demiches, after all they're not witches. It hurts their male pride and all that. They're War Elementals, emphasis on the war. And trust me when I say Riga Nightflame and his boys are the epidemy of pure male specimens. I should know, I've been subjugated by them many times. I've also witnessed what antagonizing one does. Let's just say the northern hemisphere of Neo Elysium made very pretty bonfire. Too bad Riga passed out and didn't get to see his handiwork.


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by Ashabellanar4life