To Be a Hero (Boku...
By Carnameo
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|BNHA x reader| Slight Pokemon x BNHA crossover| In a world filled with super-powered people, where the phenomenon of quirks has staged the world, It's no surprise you got one yourself, but a rather odd one. A quirk that allows you to meet creatures of different sizes and shapes, powers of elements to even darkness, known as the 'Monsters', or 'Pokémon' as you preferred, that hid beneath this society. Invited into the prestigious U. A for high school, you begin meeting heroes, villains, and new friends, as new issues arise for both you and the Pokémon. An action pack story where a new era begins in the superhero society with the Pokémon, where love travels everywhere just for you, and you find out what exactly is a hero, to you and your future.

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To Be a H...
by Carnameo