The Boy Witch
By _theLittleBook
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Northern Nightfall is an extremely powerful boy witch without a coven. Abandoned since the day he was born, he's had to discover the supernatural world himself, and even then he's ignorant of many things. But one thing he does know, is that he's not supposed to exist. Witches, long ago, were thought to have all died from other supernaturals targeting them for their extreme magical powers. But he's also rare because of the fact he's a boy, since witches were almost always female. Now he's on the run from an from an oppressive vampire covenant thirsty for his blood that found him at his previous location. It's not fun being chased by vampires, but to run into a werewolf pack? And to top it off, a werewolf he doesn't like that doesn't leave him alone? Sorry, North. You're on your own for this one. Warning: boy romance, use of strong language, could have some triggering themes(i.e. violence, kidnapping/captivity, blood). Highest ranking: 1st - Supernatural 1st - fantasy-romance 1st - fantasy creatures 1st - bxblove 1st - original story 1st - bl 1st - lgbt 1st - fantasy fiction 1st - hiding 3th - hidden secrets 8th - bxb 12th - fictional characters Cover art by isakytm! They're the artist of the webtoon, "Lalin's Curse"! I simply borrowed this wonderful piece of art :3


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The Boy W...
by _theLittleBook