He's Back
By lliizz15
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THIS IS ONLY SAMPLE. THE REST OF THE STORY IS PUBLISHED ON DREAME APP! Go check it out! Link in bio! You!" I yell, shoving him back. Hard. He stumbles but manages not to fall by getting the walls support. "You're not Danial or some other stupid boy! You're Xavier Parker! You're that boy who left me years ago! The boy who was my best friend!" I sob with my hands thrown in the air. His crystal blue eyes suddenly don't hold that sparkle of laughter, a hint of amusement, they're not dancing with excitement anymore. "N-no! A-are you crazy? I've told you-" "Just stop it, Xavier! Stop lying to me! I know the truth. I've seen the box along with the license." My voice sounds so weak, so unlike me. I remember the last time I cried was years ago, for Xavier. Then I had promised myself I wouldn't until he'd magically come back in my life. And he did. ••••••• ~~~~~~ (((He's my neighbour, and something about him is so familiar. He reminds me of Xavier Parker, my long lost best friend who was kind, sweet, caring, and polite. But this boy next door has none of the qualities above. Unless he's back after 9 years for something? Who knows. . .))) *Includes part 2, •She's Back•* Ongoing


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He's Back
by lliizz15