Make the Male lead...
By Lily_Lalla-chan
  • Fantasy
  • chinese
  • comedy
  • differentdimensions
  • systemadministration
  • transmigration


Shu Yue died from being crashed by a tow truck and woke up to find herself in a blank, empty void. Ding! System: Host is now a part of the 'Operation: Make The Male Lead Fall In Love With The True Female Lead! Shu Yue: So this will be just like other system novels, right? System: With the mechanics, yes. But with the missions, no. A definite no. Shu Yue: Explain? System: You'll figure it out soon enough. Shu Yue: .... Shu Yue: Why isn't this system cute like the ones those in novels? System: Well, you have to get used to it. We might be working together for more than a million years. Shu Yue: Can I switch you with an another system? System: If I can do that I would've done so the second I heard you speak. Shu Yue: .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now my task is to make the Male lead fall in love with the true female lead? Sounds easy, right? Ah! Foolish CEO! Dumb Possessive Underground Boss! Idiotic Diety! Blind School President! Hey! Male lead! Stop seeing the wrong female lead and open your damn eyes to see the true one! Drop your pride for once and stop being stubborn, alright?! I want to return home in one piece! Stop making these missions harder to fulfill! The third male lead? You want to have the female lead instead? Ah, aboslutely not. Now go and shoo. {Original story, not a fanfiction. All rights are reserved to their respective owners. Cover is not mine.}


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Make the...
by Lily_Lalla-chan