Myths Meet (PJO/HoO...
By awkwardMendesfan
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*SLOW UPDATES/HIATUS* Under major editing right now Stiles Stilinski is not the weak human who runs with the wolves, banshee, fox and huntress. Some may say that he is stronger and more powerful. After being possessed and causing the near death of Allison Argent, the pack kicked him out in fear that he may harm them. This is as what the title says. Demigods meet the supernatural. I am really bad at writing...I have only read up till BoO so nothing from Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase or Kane Chronicles. It has been quite a while since I watched TW so most information are googled, based on my memory or made up stuff. DISCLAMERS HAVE TO KNOW PJO, HOO AND TEEN WOLF. NO MALIA OR KIRA OR STYDIA ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO RICK RIODAN AND THE TEEN WOLF PRODUCERS NONE ARE MINE(I wish). THE PLOT OF THIS STORY HOWEVER DOES BELONG TO ME AND THE OOC PARTS.

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Myths Mee...
by awkwardMendesfan