Bookers and Bikers...
By skzchans
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Felix was popular. In fact, he was the most popular boy in school. But, unlike the other popular guys in school, Felix wasn't a jock or a player. He didn't care about partying or dating. Felix absolutely loved reading. He would do anything for some quiet time and a good book. He had pretty good grades too. Most of the boys thought Felix was weird and most of the girls fawned over Felix's good looks, so although he was nice to everyone and made small conversation with everyone, Felix didn't have any real friends. Felix spent most of his time reading in the library. One night Felix was walking home from work when he got caught in a horrible storm. Felix was just going to push through to get home, but suddenly lightning struck frighteningly close to him, so Felix took cover in an abandoned house. And what he met inside surprised him, as he discovered the house wasn't truly abandoned.

Chapter 1 - Books and Bikes

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Bookers a...
by skzchans