The Reichenbach Fal...
By MiddleEarth111
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SPOILERS IN DESCRIPTION AND BOOK. Denial. All John Watson seems to know since leaving the war, (and to the life he has lived beyond it) is the loss and the pain of grief and tragedy. He feels he cannot escape it. The death of the Reichenbach Hero, John's closest friend, haunts his every step for months on end. The suicide he could not prevent; the friend he could not save from death. Just like the war. Acceptance. Though it had hit him like a bullet to the gut to find out, Lestrade has learned to turn cold to the subject of Sherlock Holmes; to hide behind a facade of a man who has moved on. Every time the detective's name is brought up, his stomach still turns, but he hides it. He's moved on, plain and simple; just as he wants his life to be. But, without his friend the Consulting Detective around, constantly insulting his lack of observation, he feels...lost. Depression. Every time Mrs. Hudson enters the room he stayed in, a tear escapes her eye and a sob catches in her throat. The death of Sherlock has hit her hard. It was so unexpected! Just the day before he had been ecstatic for the thrill of a new case! She tries to finally realize the inevitable; the end of Sherlock Holmes. But she just...can't. Not with his chair cold and empty and the lack of gunshots throughout the night to keep her up. {The accounts of how the three people, most important to Sherlock, suffered the detective's death, and how they suffered the grief that came with it. } Started 8/26/18 - #2 in grieving 8/29/18 #6 in mrshudson 9/30/18


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