An Illicit Liaison
By sheromania1012
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"I don't think this would be appropriate, Sir." Roxanne trembles under his tight hold. "I know that." His quiet grave voice caught her squeezing her sex. His calloused hand was unsteadily moving down her body as if he wanted to feel all of her at once. "Sir..?" Nothing. Just his hand migrates down south of her shaking body, tight with arousal and fear. Aroused by his audacity to touch her like this. Fear of what would happen when they both get caught. These thoughts travelled around her mind like a shark dangerously gliding around its prey. The prey being this man, though everything of him screamed predatory. The sound of the zip being pulled down ran as a warning between them. Each knowing of the consequence but they couldn't be pulled away from this wired up brunt that was waiting to happen. "Don't sir." She said more boldly. Trying to gain some moral ground before all tumbles. But she was too late. Too fucking late as his big finger delved into her fleshy mound, soaked with desire and she grasped, looking up at him with wanton need. He blatantly watching her face morph into an unspeakable pleasure as he moves his finger in and out of her pudgy snatch. "Never stop me Roxanne. The only time you ever will is when I'm done feasting on this pussy-" slapping her there, highlighting her acute senses more sharply. He continues, lowering his voice as he says "-so many times." ----------------------- Roxanne Jones a college student was studying English literature as her honours degree. She was bold and yet there was bit of timidness whenever she encountered a male- especially if it's her ruggedly good looking professor Jax Blade Williams. Everything about him was so wrong but it made her wet every time he gave a lecture in class. He was a great teacher, charming to its core and very popular with the ladies. But what will happen when Jax locks eye with the raven beauty who can taste her insatiable need of something very forbidden.


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An Illici...
by sheromania1012