Whiskey, Cigarettes...
By some_freak
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This is my first Fanfiction. I'll soon have more. I really hope you guys enjoy this so far. I'll have author nights probably at the end of each chapter. Don't forget to comment :) From the Rocky Mountain in Colorado to Charming, California. She's dangerous, young, and sexy. She's running from her past that haunts her. The past that's hurt her. The past that cannot leave her mind. She meets that one character who does change the way she has around her and that completes her whole. The Sons of Anarchy Characters belong to Kurt Sutter and FX. I only own the Characters and some business names I have made WARNING: This may have Sexual, Mental Illness, and Suicidal content. If you are easily affected and hurt by this such content. I advise you to stop right here and don't go any further.

New Road

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by some_freak