The Secret Kept Ins...
By ShadowOwl4876
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"You can't keep things from me Mavis. Tell me or i'm going to get it out of you one way or another." He says in a husky voice, stern and demanding. I feel a shiver down my spine and my legs shake from the look of determination in his eyes. Mavis has a secret she wants to keep hidden from everyone around her. But because of it and her personality, the harder it becomes to keep it submerged inside her. Debating whether she should tell the love of her life the important secret or keep it to herself. The feeling of keeping something from him burns inside her. Will her lips part and the secret come rolling off her tongue or will she stay strong and keep it inside? Figure out in this romance novel between the two love birds. ~An add-on story to "The Other Side" and "The Meeting of Two Worlds" (recommended to read both stories before starting....but not necessary)~

Chapter 1: Calm and Collected

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The Secre...
by ShadowOwl4876