The little Uzumaki
By ninjacig
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Ever since the incident on October 10th when Lord Fourth and Lady Kushina died to protect the village by putting the Nine Tails in there only son, Naruto Uzumaki was then put in the care of the Third Hokage. Sarutobi was often busy dealing with his worst nemesis... *Cue dramatic pause* PAPERWORK!!! Naruto only being 3 years old at the time decided to take a walk around the village. But suddenly all hell broke loose... he was almost beaten to death by the villagers but someone rescued him just in time. Who is this nice young man? *Naruto Uzumaki is a smart kid, he dodges ANBU regularly ever since he pick pocketed a ANBU at the age of two. All new ANBU's would try to catch Naruto... none have succeeded so far. Naruto becomes ANBU head at the age of four and is forced to go to the academy at the age of seven. Naruto agrees, though still angry at the old man decides that he will be a pain in the ass and put up a 'happy no worry' mask. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT Follow Naruto Uzumaki as he deals with very hard times. *Oops forgot about this. Hope you still like it.


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The littl...
by ninjacig