Out There Somewhere
By chelssayoriginals
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May 25- not just the day Haddie celebrated her high school graduation, but she also turned eighteen. Up until now, every single decision that had ever been made in her life was made by someone else. Well, all of them other than which university she would be attending in the fall. That was something she was very insistent upon and wouldn't take no for an answer. At 12 years old, her parents telling her she was getting a baby brother wasn't the only big news they had for her. In order to explain where her brother was coming from, it meant they would have to tell her she wasn't biologically theirs. She was adopted. It didn't come as much of a shock to her though. Deep down she always had a feeling that she was adopted. Her hair color alone was a dead give away. It was ice blonde while her mother had red and her father was a brunette. However, she'd always end up denying the facts that were screaming back at her through the mirror and find some reason to legitimize being adopted wasn't a possibility. After answering all the questions Haddie had, her parents gave her a letter written on the day she was born by her birth-mother. As she read it, it finally hit her (even at age 12) that this was the first decision that was made for her. But today, the day Haddie legally became an adult, she decided it was time to take charge and start making decisions for herself. "I promise one day I will be there to answer any of the questions you have. I will be there to tell you everything you need to know about your birth family." In the early morning hours of the night, she snuck out of the only house she's ever known to go find the one person she's loved from the day she knew about her, but has never met or even seen a picture of. "I know she's out there somewhere. I just have to find her."


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Out There...
by chelssayoriginals