Water & A Flame
By chelssayoriginals
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Elizabeth Hocker is the Managing Editor for a magazine in New York. Two of her college best friends are getting married in California, her home state. One night on her way home from the office, Elizabeth gets a call from Katherine, the bride-to-be, informing her she will no longer be able to pick her up at the airport. Instead, she sends the groom's best man, Andrew, who happens to be an old friend of Elizabeth's. What will happen during her time in California for the wedding? Will the feelings she had hidden away for Andrew reappear? ... "Some things never change, huh?" I let out a light laugh. "I guess that's right, Liza" he replies. "Wow... I haven't heard someone besides myself call me that since college. I'm surprised you still remember." "Like you said, some things never change," Andrew says before throwing back his drink. "Dance with me."

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