WWF: A Different St...
By AuggiesStories
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It's six years after Hayley died. Instead of being saved, the world became more vicious. The creatures no longer come out during the day, but are instead forced into darkness. In this book we are following Everly Park thirteen years into the apocalypse. The world is crumbling around her, but she refuses to crumble also. After escaping her old group she treks across the world alone until she meets Peter. He takes her to their group leader where she meets very interesting people that help her discover more about herself. Will she survive with this group or will they discover her secret and betray her also? Follow Everly through her emotional ride and action packed journey where there seems to be something new at every turn she takes. Sequel to World War Final!! HIGHEST RANKINGs!!!! #1 in pandemonium and #44 in fantasy-romance

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WWF: A Di...
by AuggiesStories