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•-•-• "What are you doing?" I breathed, inching away from him, from the gun gripped in his hands like a toy he couldn't care less about. Aarib glanced away from the quivering man on the floor towards me, and when I saw that cold smile tug on his lips, I couldn't contain the shiver that ran down my spine. He was going to kill the man. "Whoever lays a hand on you against your will," Aarib growled, giving the man on the ground a filthy glare, "will have a fate like this." The safety clicked off. I screamed, as Aarib pulled the trigger. •_•_• Haya is a sweet, decent girl with good grades, and a nice wealthy family. She gets everything she wishes for, starting from the tiniest things and ending on probably a car. But Aarib had none of the above. Born into a Mafia family, he is the heir to his father's empire and will be the next Capo after his death. To save Aarib from being a ruthless criminal, his mother ran away with him when he was barely 5. Yet the criminals blood still runs in Aarib's blood. Despite everything, he is a cold, callous man that can't afford to stay away from trouble. Partnering in the Religion class becomes the reason for them to meet up. Haya makes it her goal to know all of his dark secrets. But what would happen when Aarib takes his first kill, and Haya is bound to marry him by circumstances? How would an innocent girl agree to marry the future biggest Mafia of Seattle?

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