The Lioness [Keith...
By lost_sunshine_
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Voltron~ Y/N L/N woke up from a 10,000 year long sleep and meets 5 special boys. These boys are the next paladins of Voltron, and they're determined to fulfill their prophecy. Y/N used to be King Alfor's best soldier. Nimble, well-trained, and deadly, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her very existence shouldn't be possible. As they start growing closer, each boy finds himself caring for the strong-willed and stubborn girl, but two find themselves getting especially close to her heart. Through blood, sweat, and tears, all these people have left is each other. That is what gives them hope. What they don't know is who Y/N really is. They say she's Altaen, but is she something more? And will they finally be able to beat the Galra Empire once and for all? [Spoilers!] {Disclaimer: I will be adding scenes of my own to include more romance, but it will stick to the general story line of the show.}


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The Lione...
by lost_sunshine_