Mayhem (Hades Gate...
By Aquamira
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• Levi • I've wished for death too many times to count when I was a child. Too bad only my soul died, not my body. Now that i'm older, I refuse to give up.I want answers. Answers that my family can give me. A family that doesn't even know I exist. What the hell am I getting myself into? • Mayhem • I was born into this life. The club life. Violence, drugs, murder, woman, the brotherhood. It was always part of my life, minus the woman. I stay away from woman. I don't trust them, I hate them. I don't want them around me. But the little sister of my President apparently is an exception, since she won't get out of my fucking head. I'm obsessed. I hate her. I want her more than I hate her. I will get her, she will be mine. *This story contains violence, mature language, sexual content and dark themes* **I don't own any of the pictures used in this story; all right go to their rightful owners**

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Mayhem (H...
by Aquamira