Please, Keep This S...
By neongrxves
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"That's strange. Your eyes look red in the sun." he said, looking straight at me with that solemn stare everybody gives me when they point out that my eyes change colour in the sunlight. "Yeah, it is strange," I go straight to agreeing with him, though it would be fun to cause suspicion just this once, "I think that's why my eyes are unique. Because they glow red when he takes over." Luke Manhattan seemed like the ordinary boy, living the ordinary life in high school. He had a variety of friends, a loving father, two very supportive sisters, and a great reputation at school. He was a happy boy. It seemed like nothing in his life was ever out of place, except for the fact that people always pointed out that his eyes seemed to change to the colour red when he's standing in the sunlight. People think that happens because he has very bright and bold brown eyes, and that's what he tells everybody, but the truth is not always believable. Still very much struggling with trying to get over his complicated feelings for his best friend, Chris, even more trouble is caused when Luke meets another boy, Josh, and suspicion is immediately aroused. Everything Luke has ever hidden becomes revealed and uncovered to this boy all because this demon within him couldn't keep his mouth shut just this once.

Chapter One: The Funny Fair

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Please, K...
by neongrxves