Mated to Morpheus
By rottencranberry
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There once was a werewolf who was half God, the Moon Goddess' son. His name was Morpheus, he was the same werewolf who had led the wolves into battle, he was the leader of the war that had finally given werewolves complete control over everything, including being above humans. Morpheus despised humans, hated them with a passion because they were the reason werewolves had to hide in the darkest parts of the woods. But, not everything went his way after the war, his mother was appalled by the many human deaths that were taken at her son's hands. She cursed him to a deep sleep, to spend centuries frozen in time until something would come along that could change his view on humans. Being a recently turned eighteen human, Emery finds herself in the cold embrace of a man who she only heard of in stories.


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Mated to...
by rottencranberry