Falling (Elijah mik...
By Kols_Original_Lover
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TWO WEEKS TO READ BEFORE DELETED In which Elijah has a baby and a mate. Previously called |Purity| A very unique doppelgänger lived her life alone with the abilities of a siphon and a werewolf before she met her soulmate. Elijah Mikaelson. One night the link between her, her cousin and a newly turned vampire hunter killed her turning her into what she is today. A tribrid. For her safety her soulmate compels her to forget him and his family and allows her to leave to New Orleans where he knew her werewolf family resided. Where she now has to deal with her mate, her new family, the enemies, the betrayals, the love, and most importantly the two newest additions to the Mikaelson family. ORIGINALS {season 1-5} |Elijah Mikaelson| Ranks: #1 in originals #2 in rebekahmikaelson #5 in hayleymarshall #9 in doppelganger

1. Wolf Girl

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Falling (...
by Kols_Original_Lover