Everyone is my type
By _Begone_THOT
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A 16 year old guy has never had any real 'friends' back in his home town so when he gains a college proposition hours away from home this means his strict parents can no longer watch over him giving him a chance to do anything he can to fit in. He finally has the best times of his life with his new friends but... Are all of these smiles genuine? Will it last forever? What about when he finds a girl, if he gets hurt how will he react? Can he trust anyone again? Or is his loyalty with everyone, even the people he lives with, damaged? He manages to find himself in a never ending loop of uncertainty. He wants to feel happiness again and there are many ways in which he finds to do so. Nothing can stop him. He has no limits. Call it his addiction... WARNING: SEXUAL SCENES STRONG LANGUAGE VIOLENCE DRUG USE Chapters with the * contains sexual scenes (don't say I didn't warn you)

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