The Blacksouls Mafi...
By icy_bitch280
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Your About To Enter a Almost True Story Here Are The Characters Your About To Read About: OLDEST - YOUNGEST ________________________________ (Big Kids) David Wood-(Overprotective) David He Is a little protective over his sister's, He is in the "Marines , Has a Wife He is 22. Sarina Wood - (Motherly) She'll do anything for her siblings And she is a loving person. She is a "Flight attendant She is 21. Angel Wood -(Hacker) She is the Smartest In Web Hacking. watch Out don't underestimate her She is 19. Nasheina Wood-(Shy Dancer) When it comes to dancing she Has the killer moves on the Dance Floor. but Only shows it to The Family. She is 19 Sarinati Wood-(Party Girl) She is a "Rebel but loves to Party. But Just Keep Read she can be more interesting. She is 18 Solomon Wood-(Joker) He can be a little annoying but He is Funny. And he loves pulling pranks On his Bully's or anyone who Messes with him so watch out! He is 17 ______________________________ (Little Kids) Samson Wood-(Sassy boy) He is a little interesting But kinda weird. he always tries To start an argument with anyone Who he wants. He is 15 Tiare Billy-(Fighter) She always Fights with anyone Who messes with her. She is 15 Kiereen Billy-(Quiet one) She is too quiet. she always Starts to cry when she's up Speaking. but she has a secret. She is 13 Connie Wood-(Spoiled) She is so spoiled She'll always Annoy anyone Her dad will always give her anything. She is 13 Absalom wood-(Tough one) He is so muscular Really handsome But has a fear that's Kinda shocking. He is 12 Kalea Billy-(Diva) She always try to Compete with anything Literally "Anything She is 11

Chapter 1

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The Black...
by icy_bitch280