The Alpha's Army
By PracticallyPaige
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War is Coming! August is one of the strongest wolves in her pack sector, as she should be after years of mental and physical abuse from almost everyone. It has never broken her but fueled her fire. When the Alpha announces that an army will be created for the impending war, August knows she has to be part of it in order to make a better life for herself and her brother. But joining the army means having to fight to keep her title as a warrior while surrounded by hundreds of the best wolves across her pack. And not everyone wants to see her succeed. It also means possibly finding her mate. Something she never believed in. ________________________________________________ ***Excerpt*** Before Syler can ask any questions, I speak. "You came into this evaluation with a past pitted on me that has no relevance to who I am as a wolf. You made your judgements about me and put me up to difficult tasks in order to fulfill an old, petty revenge. And despite my excellent performance tonight, you may still hold these premeditated assumptions about me. But I will tell you this..." I pause to let him know that I am serious in what I say "You need me in this army. I am good. I am one of the best fighters in this sector and it would be a mistake not to accept me. The other evaluators will testify to this if your ego stands in the way of what is best for this pack. You will take me into this army. And you will take my brother, Julius Winters, into this army. Because without him, you do not have me." I turn and leave before he can fight me on my word. I have said my peace and hopefully set him straight. Because everything I said, is completely and utterly true

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The Alpha...
by PracticallyPaige