All I've ever wante...
By lissie_starstrukk27
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Jenny Brown was an ordinary girl whose only friend seemed to be the most popular boy in high school, Ethan Christenson, who also happened to be the love of her life. They used to do everything together and she seemed to be coping just fine without needing any other friends other than Ethan, but that was until one of Ethan's girl toys created a fight between Jenny and Ethan, forcing them to fall out and for Jenny to seek friendship in the new, but stunningly good looking Seth Langford whilst Ethan continued to use other girls. What will it take for Ethan to realise that the person he has been looking for in his life has been right under his nose the whole time? But with Seth's new brewing friendship growing stronger with Jenny, will it be too late?

All I've ever wanted *prologue*

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All I've...
by lissie_starstrukk27