Whisper [mxm mature...
By elsetterby
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Keene's throat worked. "You figured me out, huh?" "You're a good actor," Jack said. "But yeah, I figured it out." "When?" "Dunno. I guess, from the beginning, I wondered why you were single." "Have you seen me?" Keene gestured at his own face. "How could you wonder that?" "I've seen you," Jack said softly. Silence fell between them, apart from the crackling of the fire. Keene passed a hand over his eyes. "Jack. You make me f*cking nervous." "Right back at you." Jack shivered. * In a town this small, in the grip of a series of mysterious fires, secrets cannot stay hidden for long. And when all truths are finally told, the consequences may be unbearable. * WHISPER is book 2 in the Grenton PD series. Book 1 is Breathe. You don't need to read Breathe to read this, though. Trigger warning: sexual assault in character backstory (off-screen only, no flashbacks).

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Whisper [...
by elsetterby