Claiming a Vengeful...
By mile00x
  • Romance
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  • suicideattempt
  • triggerwarning
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  • yaoistory


Accused of an act he did not commit, Ren was locked up, abused, and nearly tortured to death by the person he thought he loved. From that moment onward, Ren vowed to hate that man with all his heart. So, when the man nonchalantly proposed to him, Ren decided to give the man the biggest surprised of his life... by taking his own life in front of the man. However, instead of dying, Ren woke up in a stranger's body. How will Ren deal with this situation and what happens when he finds out that his borrowed body's brother is an important business partner of Andre. Not only that, the owner of the borrowed body is now living in his, very much alive, body. How will Ren get his body away from Andre, swap back to his original body, and live a quiet life away from the man who destroyed his everything. Will have a bunch of triggering things and not enough warnings, read at your own risk!!!!!


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by mile00x