Lost Moon
By EternalKimFlame
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"I don't care if you're an Alpha! You shouldn't treat people this way!" He grasped my chin with firmness that made me flinch. "I can treat you and anybody else however I like little Mutt, remember you're in my territory at the moment and any wrong move could cost you dearly. Now. Would you like to continue to critique my methods of questioning or would you like me to release you and allow you to go back to your room?" I tried to pull away, but his grip was too tight and only tightened at my movement which made me whimper in pain. "Leave her alone." ~*~*~ Moon is a regular wolf in a regular pack, well almost. Being the daughter of an Omega is one thing, but also being the daughter of a human is another. When faced by the Alpha she makes a critical decision that could end her life to save her father's. Will she survive the next few days? Or will she have to face even more trouble along the way? This Book has been Refinished! --xx-- I don't know if anyone else has had this idea but I'm writing it out. Please do not copy this book and post it somewhere else without my permission and without credit towards me. This is not a fan fiction of anything. I'd like to enjoy making this book and if people copy it, it's not much fun. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Book is NOT going to be published anywhere else! I am not interested in putting it anywhere else, and if I do put it any where else, it will be on a website of which I have an account on currently! Please do NOT approach me to post this book somewhere else, I Will Say No!

Full Moon

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Lost Moon
by EternalKimFlame