The Calm And The St...
By lGumBirdl
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A girl with Ginger-brown hair, indigo eyes and a haughty demeanor. A boy exactly like the girl but with more Ginger like hair and white, pupil-less eyes along with a shivering stature. Then a girl with hair of a light shade of bottle green and big, blue eyes. A small smile on her lips. A boy with magenta hair and golden eyes. A proud yet lonely silhouette. A boy with crimson hair and light wine pink eyes. A mischievous yet fragile body profile. A boy with wise peach colored eyes and grey-blue hair. A straight back along with a strained smile. A boy with dull hot pink eyes and apple green hair. Like a bitter-sweet comparison. His shoulders slouched and a cheek splitting grin. And an otome game. ----------------------------------------- So...then...what did they mean by praying for her to be given another chance? ----------------------------------------- But what about herself? But then...what is she doing here?? ----------------------------------------- No more will her beloved older triplet; thr villainess will have to act like a puppet being controlled by the Duke. No more will she have her older brother shivering as he clutches her sleeve and curls into himself, trying to hide away from all the disappointed, mocking glares and laughter. She will have them stand tall. That is a purpose. ====================== Herma Brethera, triplet of Farfia and Gertjua Brethra; the Villainess and the capture target; isn't supposed to exist. ====================== Author notes: I got extremely tired of those Truck-sama reincarnation stories, you know. And then the gears of my mind turned and created this gibberish. The drawings and pictures might or might not belong to me. I will however say it if they do not. The cover does not belong to me. All I've done is overlap the pictures. The pictures belong to their respective owners. And PLEASE, all sorts of criticism is welcome, just be polite about it. Thank you.

The Reaction To Revelation

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The Calm...
by lGumBirdl