Memento Mori (Bakug...
By LadysDaze
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Magic has existed since the dawn of humanity and through the centuries humans have begun to learn and master the skills needed to have control over their abilities. In this world, the type of magic you use is determined by which God claims you as their kin and as a result, bestows their blessing onto you. Each and every living being has a mark of their God somewhere on their form, showing what Godkin they belong to and what type of base magic they are able to use. However as humanity no longer organizes itself by Godkin like it used to, now dividing into kingdoms and clans, the Gods have become displeased by their disrespect to their gifts. And now... people are no longer dying... or being born. A true crisis that has put all the world on hold and asking questions. However, you have a different question: yours being despite magic being so prominent in your world, why are you the one born without a mark. (A Bakugou x Reader x Todoroki. Readers will get to choose the option of romancing Bakugou or Todoroki after the 20 part basic story. Each ending romance part will have 10 parts. Updated every Wednesday unless my schedule says otherwise)

A Warning to Future Readers

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Memento M...
by LadysDaze