Saving Leah (Comple...
By Midnighthunger
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Book #1: Saving Leah Series Red and blue lights flashed around me. The uniformed men ran around adding to the chaos the night incurred. I shivered at the chilly night air and starred up into the dark night sky trying to remember what had happened. One moment I had been lying in the back seat blindfolded and then the next thing I know I'm lying on the asphalt a few feat away from the car. I cringed away from the loud sirens surrounding the night air and changed my vision to the big men in uniforms. Handcuffs, a tool I know very well, hung around their waist with a flogger, gun and various other scary tools and gadgets. Usually I would be terrified of the dangerous people around me, but I felt lost amongst the utter chaos surrounding me. For what seemed like a while I laid observing the others. I recognized a few faces of people, three of the uniformed men crushed my Master. None of the participants looked very happy, my Master thrashed and screamed obscenities and the angry looking men continued to yell at him. I wondered why they were so mad, but knew better to try and ask Master. He didn't like questions much. My attention was pulled away from my Master and the scary men by not only another black car with red and blue lights pulling up, but also a big white car with red jagged lines along the side. Another uniformed man jumped out of the black car and two other men and a women in white coats appeared from the rear of the white car. My newly found comfort in the mist of chaos was quickly dissolved once a uniformed man pointed the new comers over towards me. ...................................... Leah a quiet submissive girl had grown up in the household of her abusive Master her whole life. On one eventful night where her Master gets into trouble with the law she meets Officer Rylan. This is a story set in the society of the book goodboy by @Feline_Fan!

Saving Leah

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Saving Le...
by Midnighthunger