Connor X Reader One...
By FranStudios
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I suppose this is a little book where I write small fantasies and stories about Connor. There is swearing! Requests can be taken and I can even do OC requests if wanted. I just need a little storyline you wish to be fulfilled. If I don't get a storyline, I probably won't be able to do it. I'll try, though. Also, it's very unlikely that I'll do a lemon. Lemons are not really my thing. If I don't update for a while, it's probably because: 1. I'm taking a break and going on hiatus 2. School being an ABSOLUTE BIST and piling me with homework or 3. I've lost interest in the DBH fandom/I ran out of inspiration Hey, have a cookie. You decided to come down here, so here's your reward for checking through the description thoroughly. Once again, there will be swearing!

Suggestions and Requests can be asked for HERE

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Connor X...
by FranStudios