Truth on the Airwav...
By stoplightglow
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"Look, okay." Gerard rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth, trying to collect his thoughts into something coherent. "I know that music is illegal. I know that Mikey and I are asking you to risk it all. But every day, we're losing more of what makes life worth living because of PMURT. The world has never needed a shitty punk band more than it does right now." The room was quiet for a long moment, and Gerard felt his stomach start to tie itself into knots. If Ray or Otter decided they weren't on board, if they went to the police and handed over Gerard's address, this thing would be over before it had even begun. Then Otter nodded, just once, and Ray said, "Okay, but we can't practice here." A Desolation Row AU. Cover art by @virtuevalentine!


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Truth on...
by stoplightglow