Winter Fury - R-Rat...
By MariMitchellBaker
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***Adult Content*** A forbidden daring romance that could only be whispered about until today! Abby, beautiful but lonely and insecure. James, Caleb, and Noah - three sexy adoptive brothers in love with each other and all three in love with Abby. Can they survive together in their little menage a quatre, or will the stress of society's wrath and their own personal demons doom them to disaster and heartbreak? Love is always a hard road to travel, but if it's Love it's always worth it, no matter what it's way, shape or form. ***Full credit to @stratomiker for the above book description*** There will be adult content in this story so if that offends... then look away now! There's all sorts of things happening in this story... so just so you know... I don't handle bigoted idiots in any way shape or form, I will delete any and all comments of a derogatory manner. © Copyright. All rights Reserved.


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Winter Fu...
by MariMitchellBaker