Realisation And Nur...
By Rinka_Ritz
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Book #2 (AND series) After successfully crossing the initial hurdles and going through the pangs of complications in love, both Sanchi and Vihaan are all set to embark on the new journey of holding on to their divine relationship together in this second volume of the AND series. Juggling between personal and professional lives, their bittersweet relationship will have to undergo different tests of realities while nurturing their young offsprings. Coping with parenting could have been easy until Vihaan's buried past and family disputes start threatening their beautifully embroidered parenthood. Some undernourished innocent souls and inclusion of adorable children with the advancement of new generations, can endearing love stay behind? And when childhood love really happens to blossom from the very first page of the diary of life, will it be able to sustain in this harsh world and remain embedded even to the last page of it? Start Date: 13.03.2020 End Date: Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved.

Realisation and Nurture (Book #2)

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by Rinka_Ritz