The king of princes
By xarahy
  • Spiritual
  • muslim
  • romance
  • royalty
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Zeera Mahmoud a common girl in the small city in saudi leaving a normal life with her parents and siblings until he arrives. The prince more like king I'll say rules over all with a cold stone heart.He uses his power to oppress collect and devour what he desires but what happens when he desires Zeera but it's like an invisible law the prince MUST have what he desires. "Who do I want angel"he said I kept still frozen to the spot "WHO" he said raising his voice and it echoed through the room like thunder assisted with lighting. "M....Me I manage to squeak out" He saw something he wanted She saw a ruthless monster He saw the beauty She only saw the beast But when his the fire and she is source the wood But when everything is finished the only thing left is ashes and as the wind of the past blows over what will be left. ruthless hate or endless heart aching love. FIND OUT IN "THE KING OF PRINCES".


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The king...
by xarahy