Little Kisses
By nutellar0se
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Aitana Daniels was at the age of twenty-six. She gave birth to her baby girl Freyah Raven Daniels six years ago at age twenty. Many people call Aitana a slut because she did not know who the father was of her child. She is barley getting paid enough to keep her apartment and expensives of her daughter Freyah. All Aitana is looking for is for someone to love her and daughter no matter. Someone to treat her right. ~~~ Sawyer Johnson was at the age of twenty-eight. He was sadly a billionare by the hands of his father. He lived in a lonely mansion that was full of maids and butlers. He knows that he doesn't need a whole mansion but he likes the fact of having people around him so he made sure to get Butlers and maids to have at his house. All Sawyer wants is someone to love and cherish forever, but it seems that day hasn't come. ~>|>|>~ What's my name?" Sawyer said slapping her thick ass "Sawyer" She moaned as she felt her ass sting some from that slap. "What.Is.My.Name" He growled slapping her ass every time he spoke a word. She moaned at the slaps. "Daddy" she whispered embarrassed. "Louder" "Daddy" She said in her normal voice. Sawyer didn't like that so he slapped her ass until she spoke the way he wanted. Her ass was turning redder by the second. "DADDY" she screamed at the 10th slap on her ass. Her ass was red from the hard slaps he gave her but she didn't care. ~~~~ #1 in Mother- March 8, 2019 #2 Love- April 4, 2019 #51 Family-September 14, 2019 #41 Family- September 15,2019 #31- Family- September 21,2019 #27-Family-October 2,2019 #1 single-October 27,2019

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Little Ki...
by nutellar0se